The Van Basten Batenburg and Batenburg genealogy published. January 2007).

In January 2007 an actual overview of the Batenburg and Van Basten Batenburg family has been published in the Dutch ‘Nederlands Patriciaat'. This Who-is-who contains an overview of members of this family who are descending from the couple Hendrick van Batenborgh (abt. 1630) en Elisabeth Rotgers from Groenlo (Gelderland, The Netherlands).

This is a joint activity of the Van Batenborgh foundation and the Vicarie Sancti Nicolai van 27 October 1501.

About the ‘Nederlands Patriciaat'
The ‘Nederlands Patriciaat' is a publication with genealogies of leading Dutch families, who have played - according to the Publisher - a prominent role during at least the last 150 years in the Dutch society. This booklet series started in 1910. The Van Basten Batenburg and Batenburg family is listed for the first time in 1914. In 1954 the état présent was published for the second time. Now it has been for fifty years that an overview of the ‘who-is-who' in this family has emerged. So it is time for a new actual overview of this family.

In addition an improved description and a representation of the family coat of arms has been given.

About the foundation ‘Stichting Vicarie Sancti Nicolai van 27 october 1501' The Vicarie-foundation is a late medieval foundation to support students who emanate from the Batenburg or Van Basten Batenburg family. For this purpose the Vicarie administrates the members of the family who are entitled to a scholarship, or the membership of the board of governors.